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We have successfully helped many of our clients migrate and upgrade their IBM App Connect Enterprise / IBM Integration Bus and IBM MQ environments.

Here are some examples of actual migrations and upgrades that we have helped our clients implement:

  • IIB v10 to ACE v12
  • IIB v10 to ACE v11
  • IIB v9 to ACE v11
  • IIB v9 to v10
  • IIB v8 to v10
  • WMB v8 to v9
  • WMB v7 to WMB v8
  • WMB v6 to WMB v8
  • WMB v6 to WMB v7
  • WBIMB v5 to WMB v6
  • MQSI v2.1 to WMB v5
  • MQI v1.X to MQSI v2.1
  • NEON to MQI v.1.1
  • Many NEON migrations and upgrades
  • Many NEON formats to IBM Message Set migrations
  • Many MQ upgrades including getting clients updated to the latest supported version of MQ including v7.1, v7.5, v8, v9, and MQ Appliance

Why not trust us with your next upgrade or migration! Call us (1-855-808-7411) or fill out the ‘Contact Us’ form and one of our integration specialists will be in touch shortly.

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