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We provide a full range of Virtualization, Monitoring, and Cloud Computing Services. We provide a unique approach and mixture of expertise and technology to provide our services in a Professional Service or Managed Service model.

We also have a specialized practice focusing on Goliath Technologies MonitorIT product.   Our certified, expert consultants can help you install, configure, and begin leveraging MonitorIT in your environment.   We can also provide ongoing training and support on MonitorIT.   We have extensive experience developing custom monitoring rules for many 3rd party applications (SAP, WebSphere, Exchange, Web Applications, etc).

Our Managed Services offering can also provide Monitoring as a Service (MaaS) where you can rest assured your entire environment is being monitored and managed by the right technology and experts.

Please call us now to engage our Professional Services team or see how our MaaS package can save you time, money, and increase your system availability.