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TransformaTech, Inc. is an IBM Business Partner and an Authorized IBM software Reseller.  Our goal is to help our clients by using leading technology, methodologies, and best practices to improve IT and Business Performance through our specialized expertise with IBM App Connect Enterprise, IBM Integration Bus, MQ, DataPower, IBM Cloud, and the complete IBM Integration portfolio.

We work with our clients on implementing complete end-to-end solutions with leading integration technology and standards. Our certified consultants are experts at making your business more efficient by integrating your systems and applications (Mainframe, Web, ERP, CRM, Accounting, etc).

We have a specialized practice and expertise with IBM App Connect Enterprise (ACE), IBM Integration Bus (IIB), and IBM MQ. We have worked with and have expertise in ALL versions of IBM Integration Bus (NEON, MQI 1.0, MQSI 2.0, WMQI 2.1, WBIMB 5.0, WMB 6, 7, 8, IIB 9, 10, ACE 11, 12). Our Services include, but are not limited to:

IBM App Connect Enterprise Services

  • IBM Integration Bus Consulting / IBM App Connect Enterprise Consulting
  • IIB to ACE Migrations
  • IIB to ACE upgrades
  • ACE Architecture and Design
  • ACE Installation and Configuration
  • ACE Administration
  • ACE Development
  • ACE Health Checks, Performance Tuning, and Troubleshooting

Our History with IBM App Connect Enterprise:

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IBM Integration Bus Services

IBM MQ Services

  • IBM MQ Consulting
  • IBM MQ Migrations
  • IBM MQ Upgrades
  • IBM MQ Architecture and Design
  • IBM MQ Installation and Configuration
  • IBM MQ Administration
  • IBM MQ Development
  • IBM MQ Health Checks, Performance Tuning, and Troubleshooting

DataPower Services

  • DataPower Consulting
  • DataPower Configuration
  • DataPower Administration
  • DataPower Security
  • DataPower Development

IBM Transformation eXtender Services

  • ITX Consulting
  • ITX Installation and Configuration
  • ITX Mapping and Development

We have IBM Certified MQ and ACE Consultants that can help you with your next implementation. We can also help you completely outsource your ACE and MQ administration, support, and development as part of our managed service offerings.

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