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With the combination of products, methodologies, and expertise, Service Virtualization can help your company save time, money, and problems by allowing you to find and resolve defects earlier in the development life cycle,  reduce integration dependencies across disparate development teams, and ultimately deploy a higher quality end product.

TransformaTech has experienced and certified IBM Rational Test Virtualization Server and Rational Integration Tester (part of Rational Test Workbench) consultants that can help.   These products were formerly Green Hat.   We offer these Green Hat Consulting Services to support these products.

We can help you immediately get ROI and realizing your benefits with your Rational software.   Our consultants can help you with:

  • Discovery – Meeting with your team to understand your current environment, inventory your services, identify initial services to Virtualize, and plan deployment of your Rational Test and Service Virtualizaion software.
  • Build and Configure – Installation and Configuration of the Rational Test and Service Virtualization Software (Rational Test Workbench – RTW, Rational Integration Tester – RIT, Rational Test Virtualization Server – RTVS, Rational Control Panel – RCP, etc).
  • Service Virtualization – Virtualization of your services.   We can accomplish this by synchronizing with existing environments (MQ, IBM WebSphere Message Broker, Application Servers, etc) or by leveraging WSDL/XSD artifacts if your target systems are not currently in place.
  • Testing – Using Rational Test Work Bench, Rational Integration Tester, Rational Functional Tester, and Rational Performance Tester we create data driven virtual services and setup manual or automated test scenarios to work in the Virtual environment or against the live system.